Children Services

Services for Children & Families

Ailsa Care has been providing unique and creative care packages to children and families for the last two decades.

We work in the family home and within day centres for children. Our childcare team often accompany children with varying needs on outings such as swimming, the cinema, horse riding or activities they enjoy. Our team also assist young adults with learning difficulties on the journey to living independently – teaching skills such as cooking, cleaning and managing household bills. The childcare team at Ailsa have gained a reputation for providing outstanding family friendly services.

Our team have a well-established and experienced team of child support workers, however can also recruit a team based on client requests, and encourage input in the recruitment and selection process. Some of our clients like to be involved in interviewing team members – others prefer that we select staff for them.

The support teams are all trained in subjects such as Moving and Handling and Health & Safety; however, we also dedicate time to teaching specific subjects such as Autism and Aspergers, Creative Play, Peg Feeding and Challenging Behaviour. We believe in the personal and professional development of our support teams and the positive effects this has on the services you receive.

Ailsa Care work with both private clients and those referred by the social work department, ILF & Direct Payments. We have found the respite we provide to families with a disabled child is invaluable, giving parents precious time to spend with brothers and sisters. We can provide from 1 hour to 24 hour care as you need it. 

If you are interested in our children and young adults service, our friendly operations team are always here for a call to discuss how we can help. You can reach our team on 01324 230111.