National Care Standards Review

In last year’s consultation the Scottish Government asked about the benefit of developing overarching principles that would apply to all health, care and support service in Scotland. There was general support for this, with 98% of people saying they thought this was a good idea.

These are crucial principles which should be part of your daily working so please make yourself familiar with the changes.


New Care Standards—Principles



My human rights are respected and promoted

I am respected and treated with dignity as an individual.

I am treated fairly and do not experience discrimination.

My privacy is respected.



I experience warm, compassionate and nurturing care and support.

My care is provided by people who understand and are sensitive to my needs and my wishes.



I receive the right information, at the right time and in a way that I can understand

I am supported to make informed choices, so that I can control my care and support

I am included in wider decisions about the way the service is provided, and my suggestions, feedback and concerns are considered.

I am supported to participate fully and actively in my community



My health and social care needs are assessed and reviewed to ensure I receive the right support and care at the right time.

My care and support adapts when my needs, choices and decisions change.

I experience consistency in who provides my care and support and in how it is provided.

If I make a complaint it is acted on.



I am asked about my lifestyle preferences and aspirations, and I am supported to achieve these.

I am encouraged and helped to achieve my full potential.

I am supported to make informed choices, even if this means I might be taking personal risks.

I feel safe and I am protected from neglect, abuse, or avoidable harm.


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